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Baltic Journal of Coleopterology
XVth Symposium of Polish Carabidologists
Tatra National Park 04-07.06.2017

Current issue: Volume 19, No. 2 (2019)

Movement patterns of Carabus hortensis Linnaeus, 1758 (Coleoptera, Carabidae) in a pine and a beech forest

Jan Szyszko, Siergiej Gryuntal, Axel Schwerk

Szyszko J., Gryuntal S., Schwerk A. 2004. Movement patterns of Carabus hortensis Linnaeus, 1758 (Coleoptera, Carabidae) in a pine and a beech forest. Baltic J. Coleopterol., 4 (1): 5 - 11.

Walking distances, turning angles, turning to the left and the right, and preferences concerning direction of the compass of individuals of Carabus hortensis Linnaeus, 1758 were studied in a pine forest and a beech forest using a portable harmonic radar system. No significant differences concerning the first three above mentioned characteristics could be detected. In contrary, a significant difference with respect to the distributions on the four directions of the compass exists between the forests. In both forests north and west are the preferred directions, but a higher preference of the south was observed in the beech forest when compared to the pine forest.

KeyWords : Carabidae, radar tracking, movement patterns, forest

Jan Szyszko, Axel Schwerk, Warsaw Agricultural University, Division of Landscape Architecture, Nowoursynowska Street 166, 02-787 Warsaw, Poland; e-mail: jan.szyszko@wp.pl, aschwerk@yahoo.de

Siergiej Gryuntal: All-Russian Research Institute of Plant Protection, Znamenskoe-Sadki, Moscow, 113628 Russia.

Communication nr. 108 of the Laboratory of Evaluation and Assessment of Natural Resources, Landscape Architecture Department, Warsaw Agricultural University


Volume 19, No. 2 (2019)
Volume 19, No. 2 (2019)

Volume 19, No. 1 (2019)
Volume 19, No. 1 (2019)