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Baltic Journal of Coleopterology
XVth Symposium of Polish Carabidologists
Tatra National Park 04-07.06.2017

Current issue: Volume 22, No. 2 (2022)

Contribution to the knowledge of the world Rhynchitidae (Coleoptera)

Andrei Legalov

Legalov A.A. 2009. Contribution to the knowledge of the world Rhynchitidae (Coleoptera). Baltic J. Coleopterol. 9(1): 55 - 88.Baltic J. Coleopterol. 9(1): 55 - 88.

New genus Pilosauletes Legalov, gen.n (type species: Auletobius aurichalceus Voss, 1939) and new species Pseudominurus bananensis Legalov, sp.n. (Zaire), Pseudomesauletes kryzhanovskyi Legalov, sp.n. (Fujian, Yunnan), P. poirasi Legalov, sp.n. (India, Nepal), Heterorhynchites macros Legalov, sp.n. (Sabah) and H. perakensis Legalov, sp.n. (Malaysia: Perak) are described. New synonyms: Deporaus pauculus Voss, 1941, syn.n. for Caenorhinus minimus koreanus (Voss, 1929); Rhynchites bicuspis Voss, 1924, syn.n. for Auletomorphus cupidio (Pascoe, 1875); Rhynchites rhodesianus Voss, 1938, syn.n., Rhynchites natalensis Voss, 1938, syn.n., Afrovolvulus katonensis Legalov, 2004, syn.n. for Afrorhynchites bipubescens (Hustache, 1929); Callirhynchites biumbanus Legalov, 2007, syn.n. for Callirhynchites mundus (Voss, 1938); Rhynchites kiritshenkoi Ter-Minassian, 1944, syn.n. for Thompsonirhinus mandschuricus (Voss, 1939); Byctiscus chinensis Formanek, 1911, syn.n. for B. impressus (Fairmaire, 1899). New systematic placements: Auletobius pallidus Voss, 1933 from subgenus Auletobius s. str. to subgenus Auletobioides Legalov, 2007; Auletobius aurichalceus Voss, 1939, placem.n. from subtribe Auletobiina Legalov, 2001 to subtribe Mandelschtamiina Legalov, 2003; Gymnauletes Legalov, 2001, placem.n. (type species: Auletes glaber Faust, 1892) and Gymnauletobius Legalov, 2007, placem.n. (type species: Auletobius nitidus Voss, 1922) from subtribe Pseudauletina Voss, 1933 to subtribe Pseudomesauletina Legalov, 2003; Pseudomesauletes contristatus (Voss, 1939), placem.n. and P. ueleanus (Voss,1939), placem.n. from genus Alonsoiauletes Legalov, 2003 to genus Pseudomesauletes Legalov, 2001; Pseudomesauletes viridimicans (Voss, 1939), placem.n. from subgenus Metallauletes Legalov, 2007 to subgenus Afromesauletes Legalov, 2003; Cateugnamptus hirsutus (Voss, 1924), placem.n. from genus Neoeugnamptus Legalov, 2003 to genus Cateugnamptus Legalov, 2007; Eusproda tumida (Voss, 1938), placem.n. from genus Exrhynchites Voss, 1930 to genus Eusproda Sawada, 1987; Caenorhinus gilviventris (Voss, 1938), placem.n. from Caenorhinus incertae sedis to subgenus Flavodeporaus Legalov, 2007; Proelautobius erythropterus (Voss, 1921), placem.n. from genus Rubrinvolvulus Legalov, 2003 to genus Proelautobius Legalov, 2007; Afrorhynchites conradti (Voss, 1938), placem.n. from genus Pararhynchites Legalov, 2003 to genus Afrorhynchites Legalov, 2003; Callirhynchites mundus (Voss, 1938), placem.n. from genus Pararhynchites Legalov, 2003 to genus Callirhynchites Voss, 1938; Thompsonirhinus mandschuricus (Voss, 1939), placem.n. from genus Parinvolvulus Legalov, 2003 to genus Thompsonirhinus Legalov, 2003. Pseudominurus mubendensis Legalov, 2007 in fauna of Zaire and Yunnanuletes heishuensis Legalov, 2007 in fauna of Sichuan were proven for the first time. Nine new combinations are established. Type specimens of the following species were studiem by the author: Auletobius diversicolor Voss, 1939, Auletobius kraatzi Voss, 1922, Auletobius urundiensis Voss, 1939, Auletobius aurichalceus Voss, 1939, Auletobius brevihirtus Voss, 1939, Auletobius pallidus Voss, 1933, Pseudauletes nitens Voss, 1930, Auletobius bicolor Voss, 1922, Auletobius castaneus Voss, 1930, Auletobius cognatus Voss, 1930, Auletobius glaber Faust, 1892, Auletobius contristatus Voss, 1939, Auletobius ueleanus Voss, 1939, Auletobius consimilis Voss, 1930, Auletobius kuntzeni Voss, 1922, Auletobius togoensis f. viridimicans Voss, 1939, Eugnamptus diversus Voss, 1948, Eugnamptus inclusus Voss, 1941, Anthribus collaris Fabricius, 1801, Attelabus tristis Fabricius, 1794, Deporaus scolocnemoides Voss, 1935, Deporaus tumidus Voss, 1938, Deporaus pauculus Voss, 1941, Deporaus kolbei Voss, 1938, Deporaus gilviventris Voss, 1938, Attelabus planirostris Fabricius, 1801, Curculio bicolor Fabricius, 1775, Rhynchites bisulcatus Voss, 1921, Coenorrhinus decumanus Voss, 1930, Rhynchites bicuspis Voss, 1924, Rhynchites similatus Voss, 1938, Rhynchites erythropterus Voss, 1921, Rhynchites gilvipes Voss, 1938, Rhynchites schenklingi Voss, 1921, Rhynchites castaneus Jekel, 1860, Rhynchites conradti Voss, 1938, Rhynchites natalensis Voss, 1938, Rhynchites mundus Voss, 1938, Rhynchites lenaeus ssp. slovenicus Purkyne, 1954, Rhynchites indubius Voss, 1930, Rhynchites mandschuricus Voss, 1939, Rhynchites balaninoides Voss, 1938, Attelabus betuleti Fabricius, 1792, Byctiscus chinensis Formanek, 1911, Byctiscus impressus f. thibetana Voss, 1933.

KeyWords : Coleoptera, Curculionoidea, Rhynchitidae, Attelabidae, new genus, new species, new placement, new combination

Andrei Legalov. Zoological Museum, Institute of Animal Systematics and Ecology, SB RAS, Frunze street-11, Novosibirsk 630091 Russia; e-mail: legalov@ngs.ru


Volume 22, No. 2 (2022)
Volume 22, No. 2 (2022)

Volume 22, No. 1 (2022)
Volume 22, No. 1 (2022)