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Baltic Journal of Coleopterology
XVth Symposium of Polish Carabidologists
Tatra National Park 04-07.06.2017

Current issue: Volume 20, No. 1 (2020)

The Review Procedure

The manuscript must be sent to the Editor-in-Chief. The submitted manuscript is sent to two reviewers, of which at least one resides in a country different from the author's. Reviewers will receive the manuscript without knowledge of the author's name as the author will not know the reviewers' names. Review is made in writing on a standard form available on the BJC homepage. The article is accepted for print in BJC on fulfilling all criteria mentioned in the review form and after a positive opinion of the reviewer (marking the 'yes' box in the form). If an article has been valuated as incomplete or in need of revision, the reviewer will point out which fragments, figures, tables, etc., need to be improved - in additional comments enclosed to the review form. The names of the reviewers are published once a year in the year's last issue of BJC and on the internet.

Together with the manuscript, information should be sent concerning the financial background (funding) of the published work (if applicable, in the Acknowledgements section) and other relevant data on the financing of the publication (if any).

The author of the manuscript should also fill in the anti-ghostwriting declaration, and supply relevant information of the authors and co-authors such as their affiliation, the author responsible for the paper's concept, initial hypotheses, methods, and research protocols. The author mainly responsible for the work (corresponding author) must be indicated in the manuscript.

Both ghostwriting and guest authorship are negative phenomena in the context of scientific standards and as such they will be denounced, including the authors' institutions, employers, and other public bodies involved. A ghostwriter is a person who significantly contributed to the publication but was not mentioned as a co-author or in the acknowledgements. Guest authorship is given when an author/co-author contributed little or nothing to the paper. Seriousness in science is one of its most important quality characteristics. The readers should be convinced that authors in a transparent, honest, and solid way present the output of their work, regardless if they are single authors or if they had help by a specialized person - either a physical person or a legal person. Proof of the ethical attitude of a research worker and highest editorial standards require transparency and full comprehensiveness of the persons that have contributed to the publication (i.e. scientific, financial, and other forms of contribution). Such ethical attitude is not only the emanation of good manners but also - responsibility.


The "Baltic Journal of Coleopterology" publishes original papers on all aspects of beetle (Coleoptera) research, particularly focusing on the questions related to the fauna, distribution, taxonomy, ecology, biology, and conservation of beetles in the Baltic region.

The "Baltic Journal of Coleopterology" will accept full papers (up to 30 pages of A4 format) and short reports (up to 6 pages of A4 format), papers on research methodology (up to 6 pages of A4 format), bibliography reviews (up to 6 pages of A4 format), papers on didactics (up to 6 pages of A4 format), as well as other materials reflecting the study of beetles. If the material to be published exceeded the above volumes, the authors are requested to previously contact the Editor.

Priority will be given to articles on taxonomy and description of new species.

Faunistic papers should include important information about the distribution of the studied species or those newly detected. The authors are kindly requested to respect and follow the recommendations and requirements of "The International Code of Zoological Nomenclature" (1985). New taxa described in the material to be published must be represented and accessible in a collection.

All submitted articles need to be written in English and sent by e-mail to the Editor. In case of poor English of the submitted article the authors will have to pay for linguistic revision. Every article, picture, or table should be sent as a separate file.

Format requirements: MS Word, font: Times New Roman, 10, line spacing: single (1). Blank line between paragraphs, no first-line indent.

All papers submitted are reviewed by at least two anonymous experts, after which they are sent to the authors for proof-reading. Papers which are written in inadequate English, containing out-dated or irrelevant information, or failed to meet the notes for authors are not accepted for publication.

Recommended check list for writing a paper: Title, author's full name(s), abstract (not more than 300 words), key words (not exceeding the length of a line), full address, including an e-mail address, manuscript text. It is recommended to divide the body of the text into the following chapters: Introduction, material and methods, results, discussion, conclusions, acknowledgements, references.



In the text, quotations should follow one of the models below: A. Barsevskis (1999); (Barsevskis 1999); (International ... 1985); (Telnov & Kovalevsky 1996); (Telnov et al. 1997). All sources referred to in the text must be included in the References section in alphabetical order of the first author's surname or of the title (the first, second, third, etc. letter in the title).

Sample references:

Barsevskis A., Savenkovs N. 1992. Jaunas un mazpazistamas vabolu sugas Latvijas fauna (New and rare species of beetles in fauna of Latvia). Daba un muzejs. 4: 17-29. (In Latvian; abstract in English).

Lawrence J.F., Newton A.F. 1995. Families and subfamilies of Coleoptera (with selected genera, notes, references and data on family-group names). In: Pakaluk.J., Slipinski S.A. (eds.): Biology. Phylogeny. and Classification of Coleoptera. Papers Celebrating the 80th Birthday of Roy A. Crowson. Vol. 2. Warszawa. pp. 779-1006.

Telnov D., Barsevskis A., Savich F., Kovalevsky F., Berdnikov S., Doronin M., Cibulskis R., Ratniece D. 1997. Check List of Latvian Beetles (Insecta: Coleoptera). Mitt. Intemat. Entomol. Ver., Frankfurt a. M., Supple. Vol.: 1-40.

Subtitles in the paper should be separated by two intervals from the previous text and by one interval from following text. They should not be numbered or marked in any other way. Sentence case must be used.

Scientific names of species and genera are written in italics both in the text and in the title, whereas in the Reference section, normal characters must be used.

Names of authors and the year of taxa description should be written in sentence case everywhere in the text. Abbreviations which are not commonly known must be explained. The scientific name of a species or genus must be followed by the full name of its author and the year of its description, e.g.: Notiophilus aquaticus (Linnaeus, 1758) or Noliophilus germinyi Fauvel, 1863.

Contributors to the journal get a free copy of the issue containing their publication. The Publisher does send out reprints.


Volume 20, No. 1 (2020)
Volume 20, No. 1 (2020)

Volume 19, No. 2 (2019)
Volume 19, No. 2 (2019)