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Baltic Journal of Coleopterology
ISSN 1407-8619
XVth Symposium of Polish Carabidologists
Tatra National Park 04-07.06.2017

Current issue: Volume 22, No. 2 (2022)


  1. Marcin Smolenski, Andrzej Szujecki, Wlodzimierz Kwiatkowski
    The successional model of forest landscapes valorisation
  2. Jaroslaw J.W. Sklodowski
    The occurrence of carabids in yellow plates in the Bialowieza Primeval Forest
  3. Artur Rutkiewicz
    An attempt of valorization of woods of the Bialowieza Primeval Forest using the zooindication method on the basis of under bark beetles
  4. Tomasz Mokrzycki
    Rare beetle species caught on tree stems in the Bialowieza Primeval Forest
  5. Marcin Smolenski
    A new measure of site abundance used in zooindication of epigeic communities of staphylinids (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae)
  6. M.D.Eyre, M.L.Luff
    The Distribution of carabid, staphylinid and phytophagous beetle (Coleoptera) assemblages on the north-east England coast
  7. Slawomir Mazur
    On the genus Pactolinus Motschulsky, 1860 and two related genera (Coleoptera: Histeridae)
  8. Jiri Hava, Vladimir Kalik
    Description of Volvicornis gen. n. (Coleoptera: Dermestidae: Megatomini) from Afrotropical region
  9. Arvids Barsevskis
    Notiophilus dacatrai Barsevskis sp. n. - a new ground - beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) species from China

Volume 22, No. 2 (2022)
Volume 22, No. 2 (2022)

Volume 22, No. 1 (2022)
Volume 22, No. 1 (2022)