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Baltic Journal of Coleopterology
ISSN 1407-8619
XVth Symposium of Polish Carabidologists
Tatra National Park 04-07.06.2017

Current issue: Volume 22, No. 2 (2022)


  1. Tomasz Skalski, Renata Kędzior, Wojciech Maciejowski, Andrzej Kacprzak
    Soil and habitat preferences of ground beetles (Coleoptera, Carabidae) in natural mountain landscape
  2. Uldis Valainis
    Revision of the Omophron (Phrator) ‘vittulatum’ species group (Coleoptera: Carabidae)
  3. Arvīds Barąevskis
    Two new species of the genus Notiophilus Dumeril, 1806 (Coleoptera: Carabidae) from India and Afghanistan
  4. Alexandr B. Ryvkin
    On new and poorly known Lathrobium (s.str.) species from Siberia and the Russian Far East (Insecta: Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Paederinae)
  5. Adam Byk
    Abundance and composition of Geotrupidae (Coleoptera: Scarabaeoidea) in the developmental cycle of pine stands in Człuchów Forest (NW Poland)
  6. Arvīds Barąevskis, Mris Nitcis
    Elater ferrugineus Linnaeus, 1758 (Coleoptera: Elateridae) – a new species for the fauna of Latvia
  7. Alexander Anichtchenko
    A new genus and species Lorestania gracilis gen. n., sp. n. from Iran (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Lebiini)
  8. Andris Bukejs, Alexander G. Kirejtshuk, Wolfgang H. Rücker
    New species of Latridius (Coleoptera: Latridiidae) from Baltic amber
  9. Vitaly I. Alekseev, Andris Bukejs
    Contributions to the knowledge of beetles (Insecta: Coleoptera) in the Kaliningrad region. 2

Volume 22, No. 2 (2022)
Volume 22, No. 2 (2022)

Volume 22, No. 1 (2022)
Volume 22, No. 1 (2022)